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As a team, Red Key can offer you over 90 years of combined experience in the New Zealand Police force. This security experience is balanced with an administrative team priding itself on professionalism and teamwork.

All employees must meet the high standards set by Red Key before joining and while working with our team. The emphasis is placed on training (in NZ and abroad) to maintain our high performance standards.

Our company has been operating at full strength since 1 December 1994. During the ensuing period, continual staff training, market analysis and image development has occurred. To this end, the high level of expertise within Red Key's team are being fully utilised. Red Key has been issued with a Private Investigator's Licence since 18 April 1995 and a Security Guard's Licence was issued to us on 1 December 1994.

You, the customer stand to benefit from Red Key's combined level of experience and expertise. This starts at the top with the Managing Director, Terry, and is continued all the way to every security and administration person involved with the Red Key team.

Red Key Security Group has been protecting New Zealand homes and businesses since 1994.

We provide a proactive approach, with a focus on surpassing customer expectations.

We believe in continuous open communication between team and client.

Our team comprises the best people in the business through training, and a healthy work environment.

Redkey managing director Terry Phelan has an impressive CV:

- 16 Years with the New Zealand Police
- Second Dan Black Belt (Judo)
- NZ Police Diplomatic Protection Squad

Terry Phelan brings sixteen years worth of expertise from the New Zealand Police to Red Key Security Group Ltd. In this time, Terry undertook vast training and is an expert in investigation, bomb detection, 2nd Dan Black Belt in Judo and personal protection (body guarding).

As a member of the Police Diplomatic Protection Squad, he was the personal protection officer for New Zealand Politicians, Foreign Ambassadors, Foreign Dignitaries - including Pope Paul II, The Royal Family (the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Edward, Prince Charles and Princess Diana). Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Terry was motivated to use his expertise and enter the Security Industry as he believes this market is not receiving the consumer-based attention it deserves. Red Key Security proposes to address this and will offer the best security service available.
About Us
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