Private Investigation and Covert Surveillance Jan 29 2020 1:53:37 am
Red Key can work closely with clients conducting discreet, thorough investigations to secure the information you need.
Our covert surveillance team provides simple detailed reports, with visual documentation where appropriate.
We carry out security checks on potential employees.

We have experience in investigating:
- Workplace theft, employees, customers, and others
- Workplace incidents
- Corporate Enquiries
- Background investigations (Nannies, Builders, Gardeners, Partners, etc)

Every Red Key private investigator upholds a strict code of ethics that ensures client confidentiality.

The Red Key Investigative Division provides all investigative and related services in relation to loss management, fraud, embezzlement and any other dishonest activity.

Our policy and goal is to conduct discreet, thorough, accurate investigations into the matter for which we are retained. We deliver concise, reliable and objective information in clearly written reports and visual documentation. All surveillance is carried out in accordance with the law.
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