Close Protection Jan 29 2020 1:58:26 am
Corporate executives, especially those in high management are adding close protection to their corporate security. Corporate executives can often be in real peril.

Representatives of corporate companies may become the target for disgruntled consumers, employees or action groups.

Close protection staff are trained to protect individuals, Corporate Personnel, Entertainers etc who may be at risk from either a fanatic employee/devotee/fan.

Imagine a person coming forward to present a bouquet of flowers to yourself but instead of flowers being presented a bottle of blue ink or a maiming liquid is thrown over you, the client. Think of the embarrassment or acute danger and harm to the corporate image that could occur.

Protecting the lives of persons of note is not an exact science. There are many incalculable factors, and unknown dangers for protection to be guaranteed, however, Red Key Security Group Ltd always endeavors to provide the highest level of professional service imaginable.

Red Key Security Staff protect against:
- Unintentional injuries
- Embarrassing situations
- Intentional injuries

The challenge to the close protection officer is to protect his/her client against any and all intentional/ unintentional, random threats and terrorism.

Red Key Security Group is your maximum protection.
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