Loss and Asset Management Jan 29 2020 1:59:36 am
Red Key Security offers a planned, methodical approach to loss management. From proven deterrent processes to effective enforcement of policy, Red Key's goal is to provide your company with the best loss management available.

From loss prevention officers to test buys to video surveillance, Red Key has the processes, personnel, and equipment to ensure your physical assets are protected from damage or theft.

Loss prevention officers detect and apprehend shoplifters. Red Key Security will also offer litigation support.

We provide plain clothes or uniformed officers, to protect against shoplifting and theft.

"Test buys" are offered, where a staff member will pose as a customer, foreseeing breaches in security.

We consult on all means of anti shoplifting measures.

Covert CCTV surveillance (hidden security cameras) are available either short or long term.
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